Summer CPD

As it’s Summer course time for Irish teachers, it’s time to become tech savvy and establish my blog to comment on educational matters.  The course I’m undertaking is ICT for teaching and learning.  I have accessed very worthwhile educational blogs through this course and I hope to emulate some of these in due course. It might be a long work in progress!

Current trends in blogging include health and beauty sites, travel diaries, celebrity and sport web logs which draw the reader in. These sophisticated sites use multi media to engage the reader.  Blogging can be a revenue generator with use of advertising and most commercial sites are funded this way.

For educational purposes, it’s a fun way of getting children to write and establish a link between technology and literacy. Children can be encouraged to write daily blogs about events in school or in the community and to upload images to their blogs. Use of different writing genres can be made to allow diverse ways of writing ie recounts, reports, procedural, explanations and discussions.  Equally they can be taught how to express opinions to other blogs in the comments section of other students blogs.